Air Quality Index Testing

Air Quality Index test are performed to identify particle matter infractions that cause breathing problems. The results provided from the test will be applied to matching purification equipment & solutions.  


Particle Matter

*Viruses , Bacteria , Mold, Dust, and Pollen.

Carbon Monoxide

Nitrogen Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide

Volatile organic compounds

Air Pressure




Our Air Quality Index testing offer a comfortable, effective method for diagnosing problems within your indoor environment and providing accurate details of your indoor air quality. Many of the most common indoor contaminants can be difficult or even impossible to detect without current technoology. Our Technicians are equipped with a wide selection of air testing kits, radon detectors, and mold test kits to assist you in testing your indoor air for these impurities.

We are currently booked until March 2021 due to the high demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please take advantage of our recommended DIY Indoor Air Quality Testing solutions.