AeraMax PRO AM 3S PC Air Purifier
  • AeraMax PRO AM 3S PC Air Purifier

    Blend commercial-grade air cleaning with a durable, portable design with the AeraMax PRO AM 3S PC. It also features AeroMax PRO’s best-in-class air quality monitoring, reporting and self-regulating. Your entire office will be full of fresh, healthy air without any work from you. 



    The AeraMax 3S PC Air Purifier is designed for use in office and healthcare settings up to 700 square feet. It automatically removes allergens, dust, pet dander, VOCs, odors, germs and more.

    Upgraded Design

    This HEPA air purifier is an upgrade to the standard PRO 3 air purifier because it comes with a large carrying handle and sturdy feet for more secure placement. It’s also easy to move to different rooms as needed. It weighs just 20 pounds. 

    Real-Time Air Quality Sensing, Monitoring and Reporting

    The AeraMax PRO AM 4 PC Air Purifier is packed with PureView air quality sensors and monitors to ensure your air quality is as healthy as possible: 

    • PM 2.5 and PM 10 Particle Counters: Air quality readings show PM 2.5 and PM 10 particle count. This means it's tracking how well it’s removing particles of different sizes - the smaller PM 2.5 particles are the allergens you can’t even see. PM 2.5 is the EPA and WHO industry standard for air quality measurement.
    • High-Grade Laser Sensors: View the air quality coming in and leaving the unit - including real-time VOC and odor visuals to see what’s present in your air. 
    • VOC Monitoring: It offers a VOC/odor level display so you know the status of your current room air quality.

    No air purifier tracks your room’s air quality condition quite like the AeraMax PRO AM 3S PC. Even better, turn on Auto mode and let it automatically adjust its settings as needed based on its real-time readings. 

    Commercial-Grade HEPA Filtration

    The true HEPA filter not only is rated at 99.97% efficiency of particulate matter down to .3 microns, but it also has an antimicrobial treatment to fight bacteria. A second filter - an activated carbon filter - also absorbs odors, smoke and VOCs., while its pre-filter traps large particles as air enters the unit.

    Lastly, its ionizer can be turned on or off. Use the ionizer to create a plasma field that releases negatively charged ions that breakdown viruses and bacteria at the molecular level. 

    Additional Features

    • Two Modes: Easily make any setting change regardless of your current air quality in Manual mode. Turn on Automatic mode for the unit to monitor air quality and adjust on its own. 
    • Trusted Design: In addition to a 5-year limited warranty, it’s certified to be Allergy and Asthma Friendly, CARB (California Air Resource Board) certified, and Energy Star qualified for money-saving operation. 
    • Energy Star Rated: Save money on operating costs and conserve energy since this model received the EPA seal for Energy Star performance. 
    • Compact Commercial Air Cleaning: While it’s commercial-rated, it weighs just 25 pounds and stands at 21 x 22.7 x 10.6 inches (H x W x D). 
    • Five Fan Speeds: Choose your fan speed based on how quickly you need to clean your air and your desired noise level. Choose from whisper (level 1) to turbo (level 5). 
    • Filter Replacement Indicators: Indicators will show the status of the HEPA and carbon filters. Find your replacement HEPA filter combo or pre-filter. 
    • Wall-Mountable: No floor space? Want to direct clean air in a specific seating area? Mount this air purifier to a wall.   
    • Brightness: Easily adjust the screen brightness level for use in any environment.


    Commercial spaces and offices stay full of fresh, healthy air for years with the AeraMax PRO AM 3S PC. 

    What Customers Love

    • Portability: This air purifier was designed with a durable handle and stand to easily take to different rooms as needed or hang on a wall. 
    • Monitoring: No air purifier monitors air quality and offers real-time updates like this AeraMax PRO. 
    • Air Cleaning: The combination of HEPA filter, carbon filter, antimicrobial treatment and optional ionizer ensures all allergens and airborne particles are removed from your air.
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