Airthings Radon Gas Monitor
  • Airthings Radon Gas Monitor

    The Airthings Radon Gas Monitor is an accurate and easy-to-use radon detector that can measure daily, weekly, or long-term concentrations of radon. Exposure to high amounts of radon is associated with an increased risk of lung cancer and is found around many households in soil, groundwater, and some building materials. The best way to be certain you don't have radon gas present in your home or office is to measure it with a radon detector.



    Unfortunately, professionals with a radon gas monitor charge a fee for their services, making it difficult and costly to monitor radon levels on an ongoing basis. Airthings' monitor lets you measure your radon levels for yourself rather than trusting contractors to remove this odorless gas.

    Long and Short Term Readings 

    This digital radon detector provides long term and short term averages. The long term average is the average radon value over the last year and is updated every 24 hours. The short term average alternates between showing radon levels over the last day and over the last 7 days. 

    The long-term average is the one that truly detects any potential health risks. Use the short term average as a way to see if measures to reduce radon (like increasing ventilation) are working. 

    Accurate Results

    Though manufactured for personal use, Airthings Radon Gas Monitor uses the same quality components and algorithms found in commercial monitors. It samples indoor air through a passive diffusion chamber and then uses alpha spectrometry to calculate the radon level. When kept in one place for continuous monitoring, the unit will adapt to its environment and self-correct when necessary so you don't need to worry about recalibrating or reprogramming it. The only time you'll need to recalibrate is if this radon detector is off for more than a year. 

    It's suggested radon levels don't exceed 4 pCi/L. Accuracy is <5% +/- .14 pCi/L., so you can be confident in the results and averages it supplies. This Airthings model also detects radon levels from 0 pCi/L to 9999 pCi/L.  

    Easy to Use

    Simply insert three AAA batteries and the radon monitor will automatically turn itself on and begin taking readings. It will tell you when the battery gets low so you'll always know when to install fresh batteries to keep the unit going. Once the unit is on, set it in the room you wish to measure. You can even get a reading for your entire home by keeping the meter in each room for one week.

    Additional Features

    • Dimensions: 4.7 in. x 2.7 in. x 89 in. 
    • Reset Button: Press this when you want to start a new measurement period. 
    • Operating Environment: 0 - 104 degrees F
    • Three-year Battery Life: Batteries need changed only once every 3 years for your convenience.
    • Ten Years of Calibration-free Monitoring: Your unit can be expected to perform for 10 years without needing any adjustments or reprogramming.
    • Long- and Short-term Results: See at a glance your average radon levels for a day or a full year.


    Check long- or short-term levels of radon at home, in the office, or any other location thanks to the Airthings Digital Radon Gas Monitor. 

    What Customers Love

    • Peace of Mind: The accuracy and simplicity of this model provides peace of mind to customers across the country. 
    • Wide Operating Temperature Range: It works in even the toughest environments (any temperature between 0 and 104 degrees F). 

    Things to Consider

    • Placement: It shouldn't be exposed to direct sunlight. Please it at least 25 cm from the nearest wall, at least 50 cm above the floor, and at least 150 cm from the nearest door or window. 
    • Continuous Use: It's suggested that this radon gas monitor is used continuously.
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