Dylos PRO Laser Particle Counter

Dylos PRO Laser Particle Counter

Laser Technology

Laser particle counters are sophisticated monitors used for the quick and accurate measurement of airborne particle concentrations. Traditional units are extremely high priced and are often used in hospitals, laboratories and clean room facilities – where clean air is critical. The Dylos DC1100 PRO Laser Particle Counter innovative air quality monitor uses the same laser technology as the traditional units to give you the same accurate readings. However, this monitor has been redesigned to expressly meet the needs of home users – at an affordable price.

Particle Counts

As air is cycled through the unit, both small and large particles are counted and displayed. Small particles counted include: fine dust, bacteria, mold, smoke, and smog. Large particles include: coarse dust, pollens, larger bacteria, plant spores, pet dander and dust mite feces. Anyone with allergies or asthma can use this information to specifically monitor their trouble areas. Someone with an allergy to pollen, for example, will be especially interested in their air’s large particle count.

PC Interface Option

The PC Interface Option has all the features of the standard Dylos DC1100 PRO, but also allows you to download the air quality data to a PC for graphing and analysis. A 9-pin serial cable (not included) links the DC1100 to your PC or laptop to transfer the data as it samples. To use this feature, you must connect a 9-pin serial cable from the unit to a COM port on your PC. If your PC lacks any COM ports, you’ll need to purchase a COM Port to USB adapter to use with the cable. You can then use any terminal program on the PC to communicate with the DC1100. Not all operating systems come with terminal programs. If yours does not, a terminal program must be purchased separately. Serial cables are available at most office supply stores, and terminal programs are easy to download. More detailed information and instructions are provided in the Owner’s Manual.

NOTE - Any software that comes with the cable must be installed before using.

Dylos DC1100 PRO vs. DC1100 Standard

The DC1100 Pro has all the features of the standard DC1100 but with increased sensitivity - detecting particles down to 0.5 microns in size. The large particle size range is calibrated to 2.5 microns and above. The increased sensitivity (0.5 microns) makes this monitor perfect for those with more severe allergies who want to ensure that the air is clean of even very small particles. It is a great tool for helping to monitor and track how well your air purifier is cleaning your air.

Portable and Versatile

These Dylos units are small and lightweight, allowing you to easily test any area of your home. Take it anywhere you spend large portions of your day indoors. Use the information to take action to protect you and your family and give you peace of mind knowing that the air you breathe is safe and healthy.


  • True laser particle counter
  • Available with or without PC Interface
  • Keeps separate counts of both small particles (0.5 microns to 2.5 microns) and large particles (greater than 2.5 microns)
  • LCD display shows particle counts numerically and graphically (bar graph)
  • Choose between two modes of operation:
    • Continuous mode: Unit continuously samples the air
    • Monitor mode: Air is sampled for one minute every hour
  • Three history viewing options available:
    • Minute history mode: View data recorded over the past hour, minute by minute
    • Hour history mode: View data recorded over the past day, hour by hour
    • Day history mode: View data recorded over the past month, day by day
  • Stores up to 30 days of data history
  • Power – 9V wall adapter (120V/60Hz)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) – 7” x 4.5” x 3”
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