Envion Ionic Pro® Platinum Air Purifier
  • Envion Ionic Pro® Platinum Air Purifier

    Efficient, powerful, yet easy to use, the Envion Ionic Pro® Platinum Air Purifier helps to create the cleanest and healthiest air possible in rooms up to 400 square feet. Using a permanent ionic filter, this Energy Star-rated air purifier eliminates pollen, dust, and dander while also trapping germs and other irritants.

    Multiple operating modes, a programmable timer, and simple maintenance make this unit a real customer favorite.

    Energy Efficient Design

    For a money-saving performance, turn to this Envion Air Purifier. Energy Star-rated for an energy-saving operation, it's built to run more efficiently than comparable air purifiers.

    Ionic Air Purifier

    With the Envion TA750, there's never a need to constantly replace filters. Using a permanent washable ionic filter, the Envion Ionic Pro Air Purifier releases negative ions into your air. The ions attach to pollutants, germs, and other irritants in your air, where they are then attracted to the unit's permanent filter plates. Multiple operating modes make finding the right setting easy.

    • Silent Mode: Runs the unit quietly at a low speed for use in bedrooms and other quiet areas.
    • Germ Mode: Ideal for those times when germs are a primary concern.
    • Allergy Mode: Perfect for removing allergens and other airborne irritants.
    • Max Mode: Whether you're dealing with dust or smoke, this setting will take care of it.

    Additional Features

    • Easy to Maintain: The permanent ionic filter never needs to be replaced and is dishwasher safe.
    • Pre-Filter: Traps large particles like hair and lint.
    • Compact Design: Its compact tower design is perfect for placement on a table or even the floor.
    • Adjustable Lights: Dim the control panel lights as needed.
    • Programmable Timer: Set the unit to automatically turn off up to 24 hours in advance.
    • Indicator Light: A clean filter light will illuminate when it's time to clean the ionic filter.
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