Safety Siren Pro Series Multigas Detector

Safety Siren Pro Series Multigas Detector

The Safety Siren multi-gas detector offers you a first-line of defense in keeping you and your home safe from harmful gases. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that each household has at least one carbon monoxide detector placed in the sleeping areas of the home. This unit not only offers you protection from carbon monoxide poisoning, but it also monitors the air for the combustible gases: methane and propane.

Carbon Monoxide Exposure: Silent and Deadly
Carbon monoxide (CO) is a toxic gas with no odor or color, giving it the ominous name of the “silent but deadly killer.” Low-level CO exposure can cause

  • dizziness,
  • headaches,
  • nausea, and
  • shortness of breath.

High-level CO exposure can be life threatening, with fatalities occurring within minutes. The danger of carbon monoxide is real, and CO can come from a number of household appliances:

  • heating systems,
  • water heaters,
  • gas, oil, or coal burning appliances.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring
The Safety Siren multi-gas detector is a safe and effective way to monitor the air in your home for the presence of CO. Once the monitor is plugged into any standard outlet, it will take a sample of air every 2-1/2 minutes to test for carbon monoxide. A visual and audible alarm will be activated if carbon monoxide is detected.

Methane and Propane: A Combustible Combo
Your home needs to be monitored for gases other than carbon monoxide: namely, methane (natural gas) and propane gases. These two gasses are the most common combustible gases found in residential homes. They are often used to power many appliances:

  • kitchen stoves/ovens,
  • hot water heaters,
  • clothes dryers, and
  • portable space heaters.

In general, methane and propane gas can be smelt because of the sulfur additive gas companies mix with the gases to warn people of leaks. However, this foul sulfur-smell warning shouldn’t be relied upon for protection. Once you smell the leak, your home has begun to fill up with these combustible gases, and there is no way of knowing how much or how long the leak has been present.

Methane and Propane Monitoring
A well-calibrated gas alarm is your best protection from gas leaks. This Safety Siren multi-gas detector monitors your home for traces of methane and propane gas. This unit works continuously to screen the air for any presence of these potentially catastrophic combustible gases. A visual and audible alarm will be triggered if these gases are found.

3 Gases—1 Solution
Choosing a high-quality gas monitoring system will help ensure you family and home are protected from harmful—and sometimes fatal—gas leaks. The Safety Siren multi-gas detector possess top-of-the-line features for the most accurate results. Please see the specific features of the unit highlighted below.

  • 3-in-1 detector - Detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, propane, and methane gas
  • Audible Alarm - 2 independent alarms: 1 for carbon monoxide, 1 for methane/propane (85dB)
  • Self-Testing - Unit will perform self-diagnostics to assure it is operating properly
  • Computerized Calibration - Helps eliminate false alarms
  • CO Sensor - Calibrated at 200ppm CO specific to avoid false alarms
  • Sensor - Alarm trip point set at less than 25% of LEL (lower explosive limit) for methane/propane
    • 0.95% by volume methane in the air
    • 0.53% by volume propane in the air
  • Operating Environment - 40° F to 100° F
  • Power - Plugs into any standard 110-volt outlet, 15 watt consumption
  • Lock tab feature makes the detector tamper proof
  • Dimensions - 4.7" x 3.1" x 2.1"
  • Weight - 12 oz
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